Stop High Fiving Jesus

First blog EVER.

The White Horses May 20th podcast called “The Worship Experience” ( ) Is the topic of today’s bloggage. The subject: churches and worship.  The quartet of men are very entertaining as they took turns pontificating to one another and then falling back and quietly grunting approvals with quiet bursts of “yes” or “mhmm” or “oh definitely”, etc. Listen to it again if you don’t know what i’m talking about. They go to great lengths as they discuss different denominations, traditions, theologies.

There is only one small point out of the many that were discussed on this program that I would like to write about, and that is the reverence of the church. In the beginning of the podcast the hosts were discussing the fact that many people were abandoning more modern evangelical churches for more traditional Roman, Lutheran and Orthodox churches. My first impression was that these people had caught a bad case of church snobbery as they left the modern churches to place themselves in the traditional churches because those churches have bells, incense, etc.: trivial things.

As the program goes on the hosts began started discussing the reverence of the church towards our lord and savior Jesus Christ and God. They talked about how the traditionalism of the more orthodox churches made them more reverent to God (at least as far as appearances go). One of the hosts made the comment that a lot of modern churches ” [treat] Jesus like he’s a high school buddy that you would crack open a couple of bud lights with and watch the game”. This statement obviously points to the disrespect shown to God. While the evangelical churches heavily stress a personal relationship with Christ, I would remind anyone who reads this that Jesus is our lord and savior, not our BFF. Now many people find these evangelical churches unappealing because of this perceived irreverence.

In closing I would like to share a bible verse that was discussed briefly on the podcast: Hebrews 12 “since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken let us worship God with reverence and awe.” So stop trying to high five Jesus and show some respect for the Lord.


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